Chill Out—12 Super Cool Foods to Indulge In This Summer

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Chill Out—12 Super Cool Foods to Indulge In This Summer

Heading to the beach or out on the boat? Worried about the overwhelming summer heat? Don’t sweat it! These twelve cool snacks will keep you refreshed and fueled for a fun day in the sun.

Watermelon. Loaded with water (hence the name), this yummy fruit is perfect for a picnic or afternoon in the park.

Cucumbers. Again, the water density of this vegetable makes for a crisp, cool snack. Try it dipped in fresh hummus or added to a refreshing glass of water.

Leafy greens. Instead of preparing a hot dinner over the stove, opt instead for a cool, leafy green salad. Add avocado for essential and healthy fats and chopped nuts for a bit of protein.

Citrus. Lemons, limes, and oranges, oh my! A spritz of these citrus fruits in a tall glass of ice water will keep you hydrated and feeling cool all day long.

Mint. A sprig of mint added to fresh squeezed juice, water, or even a salad is an embracing way to cool down this summer.

Fresh salsas and chutneys. Instead of heavier dips more appropriate for colder months, make instead a salsa or chutney that’s served cold. They are the perfect dip for vegetable sticks and crackers too!

Grapefruit. Don’t want to sweat over poaching an egg in the morning? Slice open a grapefruit, smother is with local, raw honey, and enjoy.

Grapes. Either straight from the vine or frozen and then enjoyed, grapes are juicy and refreshing; the perfect sweet summer treat.

Green beans. If you’re fortunate enough to have outdoor space, plant a few bean plants. They’re super simple and you’ll be enjoying a quick, cool, and savory snack with a crunch for months.

Honey dew and cantaloupe. Nothing says summer quite like a fresh fruit salad and with good reason. Fruits traditionally served cold, such as melons, are refreshing and nostalgic.

Coconut water. Forgo traditional water this summer and reach instead for some coconut water. This drink cools you down and is particularly hydrating.

Smoothie. Add 1 part frozen fruit, 2 parts spinach, and 1 part almond milk, and you have yourself a nice frozen smoothie that’s chockfull of vitamins and minerals.

Gazpacho. The holy grail of cold dinners, gazpacho is a cold soup that’s loaded with fresh vegetables. You can even make fruit gazpacho!

If you’re loving summer as much as we are and getting in the sun whenever possible, chances are you’re looking for food ideas that will keep you cool instead of heating you up and these twelve recommendations are great ways to stay refreshed!

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