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Here and Gone—Tips for Making the Most of Summer

Summer is here. This hallowed time of year is fleeting. Before you know it, the leaves will begin to change, the days will shorten and cool, and you’ll be missing the warmth of sunshine and afternoons at the beach. It’s hard to say goodbye to summer every year, and with good reason. With more hours of daylight and weather that encourages exploration and outdoor recreation, who wouldn’t wish for it to stick around a little longer?

If you’re a summer lover, you’ll want to cram as much as possible into the next few months. You will want to head into fall feeling accomplished, having made the most of summertime. And with these quick tips, you’ll be able to do just that!

Catch the sunrise. It’s easy to enjoy a beautiful sunset during the summer, but waking early enough to catch it rising will ensure that you’re adding more wakeful hours to your day. Plus, it’s a sunrise. Don’t miss a single one.

Get outside. We mean it. While you might have to spend your 9-5 indoors, most of us have free time sandwiched into our schedule somewhere. When you aren’t indoors working or going to school, make sure you’re outdoors getting as much natural vitamin D as possible.

Plant a garden. Edible gardens are the perfect incentive for getting long hours out-of-doors, from tilling, weeding, planting, watering, and maintaining. Plus, you’ll reap a harvest, which makes this a double worthwhile endeavor during the summer.

Watch some fireworks. For the majority of us, fireworks are a once-a-year thing. Take advantage of this summery pastime by catching a show with your loved ones. Other seasonal activities to take advantage of include: parades, festivals, outdoor concerts, and waterparks.

Prioritize your hobbies. Sure, hobbies are great, but some are better than others at particular times of year. Consider shelving hobbies that are more ideal for winter months, like knitting or reading, and instead partake in those that are more enjoyable in the summer, like kite flying and water skiing.

Connect. If you’re a parent, it’s likely that your kids are out of school for the summer and have more free time. This creates the perfect opportunity to connect with them and build memories that will last a lifetime.

Remember to rest. Just because it’s summertime and the days are longer doesn’t mean you should run yourself ragged. Be sure to keep a regular sleeping pattern throughout summer so that you are rested up for your next big adventure.

Explore. Because the weather is so (most likely) nice, summer is the perfect time to explore. Whether you stay local and find adventures in your own back yard, or take some time off for travel, exploration is decidedly a summer thing.

We’re so glad summer is here and every year we hate to see it go. But with these tips, we hope to pack as much as possible into these short months while also remembering to stay healthy at the same time.


How do you get the most out of your summer? We’d love to here your tips!

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